About us

Brief Introduction of ARCO
ARCO International utilizes only traditional proven therapy and modernized it for effective Anti Aging. We partnered and work closely with several established laboratories to achieve our goal.

In 2008, we partnered with a well established pharmaceutical company and ARCOPHARMA S.A. of Switzerland to launch a modified enhanced version of SWISS OATS known as ‘A3’ www.arcoswiss.com

In 2009 a highly versatile all plant cells based anti aging solution was launched. These plant cells could be use topically, Intra-derma (Mesotherapy) or via any biological route and is known as ‘PP Total Skin Rejuvenation’. A joined project with bio-Dyne Laboratory in Singapore and USA www.arco-plant-cells.com

2011 we established Arco Filorga Company in Thailand, through a joined distribution with Laboratories FILORGA Paris www.filorga.info, www.arcofilorga.com

In 2014, we launched the oral version of ‘PP Total Skin Rejuvenation’ known as ‘PP Oral’ or ‘PPO’

2015 with a join collaboration and strategy alliance with Bio-Cellular Research Organization or ‘BCRO’ Fetal Precursor Stem Cell Transplantation, we launched BCRO Individualized Stem Cell Therapy treatment in South East Asia and also Arco NANO Cell Filtrates.www.stem-cell-transplants.com

Our Vision & Mission
• Search for proven traditional therapy and through alliance partnership, modernized the therapy for anti aging purpose,
• Deliver our Arco Products and solutions worldwide.