ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates represent organ-specific ultrafiltrates of low molecular weight as determined by the size of the pores in the filter used. Peptides in the NANO Cell Filtrates are obtained from stem cell containing fetal organs or cell tissues of rabbits coming from a registered closed colony stock that is under constant animal-hygiene and veterinary supervision.

In the production process, high-molecular-weight cell components are separated from low-molecular-weight cell components by means of multiple cryolysis, multi-stage filtration and the final ultrafiltration. ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates produced by the production process described above contain components up to the nominal molecular weight of 10 kDa. No chemical substances are used in the separation process.

The productions of the NANO Cell Filtrates are subjected to constant quality control, which is the ultimate priority of the manufacturer. The final products are cell ultrafiltrates that contains peptides and is a nutritional supplement except for ultrafiltrates of Skin, Placenta and Mesenchyme which can also be applied as topical cosmetic. The ultrafiltrates are suspended in a PBS solution (phosphate-buffered saline), which protects low-molecular-weight peptides. Our NANO Cell Filtrates contain no preservatives, no sugar and no gluten, and are thus also suitable for those suffering from diabetes and celiac diseases.

The production operation is approved by the Regional Public Health Authority in the E.U., Ref. No. HV/A/2012/02294. The production is fully GMP compliance and also HACCP system certified.

The ultrafiltrates have a shelf-life of 6 years, if kept in a refrigerator at optimum temperature from +2°C to +10°C (not frozen) and fully protected from direct sunlight.