ARCO Nano Cells Revitalize, Regenerate and Anti Age your body, highly advance blended utilizing stem cell ultrafiltration technology and made available for both male and female. It offers what vitamins, minerals and other conventional treatments cannot. It can provide the exact components necessary for injured or diseased tissue to heal and regenerate.

The low molecular weight of organic ingredients Nano cell filtrates are the precondition for the absorption through intact mucosa or skin. Therapeutic efficacy lies in the supply of molecules of different components that deliver messages to the control mechanisms of the individual cells and inter-cellular relationships of various tissues and organs. Nano Cell filtrates serve primarily for substitution, and secondarily for triggering of repair and regeneration, for which the homologous molecules are necessary.

ARCO Nano Cell Filtrates are homologous molecules that trigger repair and regeneration of various cells, tissues or organs. The decisive factor is the organ-specificity of molecular structures provided by the nano filtrates. In addition to the material, the intrinsic electromagnetic component contained in the fetal organs and tissues plays an important role in the effectiveness of the nano filtrates.

For therapeutic usage, the nano cell filtrates are nutritional supplement to be taken orally hence all cosmeceutical types are also therapeutic.

The body response to the application of Arco Nano Filtrates generally takes 3 to 4 weeks from beginning use to the observable response. The reaction chain ‘absorption – transport – incorporation’ has to take its course, before the efficacy can be observed by functional / structural improvement.

Arco Nano Cell Filtrates are free of chemical additives. Undesirable side-effects are not known.

ARCO NANO Cell Filtrates are nutritional supplements taken orally. One therapeutic cycle consists of oral intake of 30, 60 or 90 vials of a specific nano filtrates. The preparations are to be taken undiluted between meals. If possible swirl around the oral cavity for about 10 sec prior swallow.

(For incurable or more serious diseases we suggest to use BCRO Fetal Precursor Cell Transplantation or Live Cell Therapy)

Types of Arco Nano Cell Filtrates




Adrenal Gland High blood pressure, detoxifying


Female Rejuvenation

Modulate functions of female organs and glands, enhance energy, anti stress and better sleep



Nervous system disorder, depression



Restore Vitality, degenerative arthritis, remove wrinkles (could also be use topically)


Male Rejuvenation

Modulate functions of male organs and glands, enhance energy, anti stress and better sleep


Ovary Menopause disorder, gynaecological disease



Anti aging, wound healing, fatigue, improve skin quality
(could also be use topically)


Skin Eczema, psoriasis, skin lesion, skin disorder
(could also be use topically)
TS Testis

Andropause, enhance virility