ARCO Swiss International warrants that all batches of Arco Nano Cell Filtrates have been manufactured in accordance, and in strict compliance with GMP (‘Good Manufacturing Practice’), HACCP (‘Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points’), and of the respective regulatory agencies of the European Union.

Except as stated in the proceeding sentence, there are no warranties, expressed or implied, including, without any limitations, any implied warranty of merchantability, or of fitness for a particular purpose. Because cells extracted from our fetal precursor cell are very low molecular weight <10kDa, it is not possible to give any other warranty, but the one stated above. ARCO Swiss International, its affiliates, associates or partners are not liable for injuries resulting from the use of our Nano cell Filtrates whether individual or in clinical practice, whether the handling or use was, or was not, improper, inappropriate, unintended, wrongful or negligent, in any manner whatsoever. REPLACEMENTS AND RETURNS (THE POLICY) No returns will be accepted, nor will there be any replacement of Nano Cell Filtrates once they have been accepted at final destination, because Arco Nano Cell Filtrates lose their effectiveness quickly (their viability is diminished unless stored properly in an incubator and handled only by a knowledgeable professional). However, Arco Nano Cell Filtrates will be replaced free of charge in the following situation(s): in case of non-delivery or late delivery(more than 4 weeks), caused by fault of our own, or those of our agent(s), shippers and/or carriers; or, in case of breech of warranty, as set forth applicably.