Arco Nano Cells are ultrafiltrates of very low molecular weight that have been ecologically procured via the highest safety standards and advance filtration technology with a nominal value of 10kDa and approximately 3 nanometers in diameter.

The final product is suspended in PBS solution (Phosphate Buffered Saline) that protect low molecular weight peptides and contain no preservative, no sugar and no gluten. Arco Nano Cells is a nutritional supplement to be taken orally and for some types could also be use topically.

Arco Nano Cells came in two forms:
1. Nano Cell Filtrates Cosmeceutical Range
Having Youth Restoration features it provides Excellent Skin revitalization and
rejuvenation functions. These cell ultrafiltrates skin care include 3 types:

2. Nano Cell Filtrates Therapeutic Range
Revitalize, Regenerate and Anti Age your body. It worked on the principle of
‘homing’, these cell ultrafiltrates once absorb orally find their ways to the damaged
organs (liver cells into liver). Note that all types of Cosmeceutical range are also

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